The Lost Chapters Of Sukiyaki-Part 1-A Sukiyaki Warrior Story

THE LOST CHAPTERS OF SUKIYAKI ~The Stories Of Suki's Parents and Her Childhood~ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ JENNA POV "Are you willing to share your hideout?I need somewhere to rest.." I looked up from my plate of toast flowers that I was preparing for tomorrow's breakfast quickly.My reflexes kicked in naturally. They're become independent from all of the... Continue Reading →


My anger boils My control is dripping into oils On the ground My heart doesn't seem to ever stop it's malicious pound My small fists clench Rage is surrounding me like an unwelcomed stench And I need to calm down No anger is left though Dull and brown My anger is lighting up I'm boiling... Continue Reading →


I hate haikus, but I wrote one today to challenge myself,so here it is. I hope you like it! Just because of this I'm not losing who I am Or am I really?

Games(A Poem) 

⛳️🏸🎾🏈🏀⚽️🎲🎰🏐🏉🎱🏓🏒🏑🏏🎯🎮🎳🕹🀄️🃏♠️♣️♥️♦️🎴👾🍾 You're  going to Chase after him Once again He doesn't have a leash So he'll lead you round And Around And around He doesn't believe in peace The girl you see around him Isn't just his friend I didn't think it was like you To see this crap  and still beileve it as truth... Continue Reading →

Keeping a peice

I've given you so much I've even given you my heart to clutch  If you please What did you do with keys To my all, my love? You opened me up Now I fall It all depends on your call What's to happen? What's been lost? What's to happen, Now? you have an extensive haul... Continue Reading →

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