Memoir Assignment-“The 1st One(To my heart)-The story of Nathan Easley”

          Once upon a twisted and joyous time, there was a young,sad, barely teen girl named Keely. Keely went by many other degrading, hurtful names as well, but in this story of woe I’ll call her by her rightful name. 2 and a half years prior to her current assorted drama, she had thought she had fallen dandruff-headed, muddy heels in love with a happy,carefree young boy named Nathan “Fluffy” Easley. Nathan,in theory,was in love with the sad,troubled girl named Keely, but too afraid to admit. They laughed,flirted, played footsie and played dumb,until one day, almost exactly eight months after she met him and “fell in love”, she had had enough. Keely went up to the handsone cause of problems and asked him out. To her pleasure, after much distress, he said “yes.” One evening, which was also the Valentine’s dance at thier horrid, ghetto school, Nathan asked the young girl to a rollerskating rink.Keely was super uncordinated and worried, but attomaticaly said “yes!!!” Her mind ran fizzed out laps: “Oh f***! Is this a REAL date? I swear to baby Jesus! If I can’t go I’ll scream! OMG what to wear?!?!”  The girl ended up being able to go, and two mean-spirited,horrible popular girls were at the rink and they asked her new boyfriend if he was dating  Keely. He proudly stated “YES.” He twirled her into his arms  and smiled down at her. Her delicate heart skipped a beat.

          So Keely and Nathan had a night to themselves. Nathan had sweetly bought Keely rootbeer (her favorite soda) with his own money as well as Doritos which they shared. Keely fell on her butt,knees,and elbows so many times, she was starting to look like a 13 year old, 4 foot and 10 and a half inch tall Barney.Nathan helped her skate and held her hand while she admirably and hopefully at what her naive heart believed was her one true love. Many times as she turned purple,blue, and green she felt enough pain to break down crying because it hurt so bad, but she never did. She didn’t want to cry in front of her dream boy no ruin the joy of a night she would never,ever forget. The night was coming to a regretting end (thanks to Keely’s curfew) and Nathan asked Keely to come outside with him. Keely did the natural thing any girl would do, and worried like crazy if he would kiss her. Instead Nathan just rollerbladed outside showing off his mad skills. The sad girl named Keely was disappointed yet relieved.

          A few days later, in P.E (the one class she had with Nathan) he walked up to Keely and announced that he had bought her a teddy bear for the rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day. He said after school he would send a picture. Most girls nowadays would not value a token like that as much as Keely did,but  she was not most girls. After school, she received the picture. It was a white furry teddy bear holding a velvety-looking red heart stating “I LOVE U!”. Keely texted “I love you too” to Nathan after much consideration and doubt. “Is a really cute,sweet,and picture perfect boy giving me a teddy bear that drops the famed first I.L.U?” She asked herself mentally repeatedly. After a minute or two, Nathan texted back “I love you too.”Keely made a mistake however. She dropped the I.L.U, not knowing that as of 3 days later, she would never be enrolled in Piner Middle School or see Nathan Eric Easley (or “Nathe” or “Fluffy”) ever again.

            The sad, young, barely teen girl named Keely was admitted into a psych hospital 3 days after she told Nathan Easley that she loved him for “attempted runaway.” The sad young girl named Keely had been sent by her mother to live with her dad and grandmother out in the middle of the country temporarily. One day,she had gotten tired of her dad’s laziness, and went for a walk. She did not tell anyone, and her grandmother was coming home from a shopping trip and found her three-quarters of a mile away from “home.” Her grandmother freaked out, and sent her to a psych hospital because she “tried to run away from ‘home'”. The hospital kept her for a week and transferred her to yet another that kept her for two and a half months.

          Every night, in her hard,cold,abusive bed she dreamt of returning to her darling, cocky,cute,kind, funny, lovely, and loyal Nathan. everyday she told anyone who would listen about him and her longing to see him. She indulged in the memories.She drew him, wrote about him, (loss of any kind is really good for poetry and journaling), dreamed about him, thought about him. Pretty soon, her world revolved around just seeing his brilliant smile again.

          When she was realeased from the hospital, her mom randomly decided to take Keely back to live with her.Then the sad girl named Keely was forced to move 4 hours  away from her darling Nathan. The sad girl named Keely had finally got ahold of her phone a litttle over 4 months after she left Nathan behind. Keely automatically contacted Nathan. She very soon found out he started dating one of her closest friends only one week after she left.  He sent no text messages to her ask  where she was, just starting cheating when he knew he had a smaller chance of being caught. The sad,young,barely teen girl Keely was heartbroken. For months, she still thought of “her” “Fluffy” every single day. She vowed  to remember what he did to her heart and how she was so naive to believe the first guy she ever dated was her true love. She said for weeks: “We were the perfect pair-to break.” 


           I doubt you’d be surprised to find out that there actually is a girl named Keely who dated a guy named Nathan Easley who broke her heart. Sadly, I’m that girl. Nathe taught me a lessson: “Don’t fall on your face when you fall head over heeels in love.” He also made me very cynical and negative about that thing called love. Now at almost 15 ( birthday is on November 29th, exactly 55 more days or 1 month and 14 days) I very rarely think of Nathan Eric Easley. I’ve only dated one guy since:a sweet little nerd who I liked a lot last year in 8th grade.(We dated exactly 3 weeks and 3 days.-Nathan and I lasted a week.) When I first met Nathan , I said to myself”a boy this gorgeous would never love me.” I was correct.

          I contacted some of my old friends at my old school (but not the one that took my boyfriend, so that left three) who knew me before and during the time I was Nathan Easley’s second half this summer. Apperently, two and a half years later, he still remembers me. Although, not in a good way. According to my past peeps, he has beeen going around the school for two and a half years calling me a “slut” and a “whore.” He very well knew he was my first,and that I was undesirable.( I was at my old school as well as my current one. LOL šŸ˜‚) To top off the ridiculously of the claim, he pretty much in two and a half years, dated the entire female population in that small town aging from 12-19 when I was gone. Figures.
           Now I will propose a question: Can any of the people reading this share an actual story of true love? If you can, please if you have time, leave your jaw dropping story in the comments for me to read.

             Thanks for reading my sorrows!


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