100 Times More Sorry than My life-(to S.V)(an apology poem to someone who never read it) 

There is so much I wish to say to you

But the connection between us has been chopped to pieces

Sadly by my hand

I want to talk to you again

For oh so many reasons

We haven’t been talking

For almost seven times longer than the timespan we dated

And I understand how I acted

Leaves you good reasons to have me hated

I’m embarrassed on how insane I had acted

It’s just when you sprung a breakup on me

It really impacted

I don’t know how many times I’ll long to say this too you

Hi. I missed you 

I don’t want your love anymore

I just want to be friends again

But I can’t shake the feeling

It wouldn’t at all be the same

You made me glow

I thought was true

Although I was wrong

But it was never ever all you

You gave a faint light to give off

But the glowing was not your present

It was someone else’s 

And I never knew

Even when I was dating you

 You’ll never know

How I’m sorry I am that I broke you down

You have every reason to hate me

I wish I could hate you too

Instead I just hate myself

I know you’ll never read this

And I know I’ll never  diss your name

I just wanted to share with the World Wide Web

Just to get to get it out of my head

How sorry I am to you

But you’ll never know

But I wish you would

That I’m 100 times more sorry than my life



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