Dreamscapes (a poem)

As the dark yet colorful realm of rest

Takes me by it’s well calloused hand

I start my dream

Where there’s nothing bland
Just because you are with me

Your smile ripples my dreamscape

And shares its happy glow

The birds in the fluffy bright green trees

Sing a song of joy

As you sweep them off their feet

Just like you do me

Your all I can see

Can you meet me,

In the dreamscape that is my dream home?

Your all I can see

I just wanna go to sleep

So you can be mine once and for all

Forever is a long time

But I wouldn’t mind

Forever is a long time

But I wouldn’t mind

Since you’d never, ever be a bore

But I when I become restless

And the sleep stars to fade away

I scream and cry

Knowing that my heart will be sore

As soon as I wake

Since I’ll never be in your arms

Except in my dreamscape of broken hearted visions

And for once your looking at me like you always look at her

Your a band geek

Maybe other people may think your adoring one

But to me your something special

Something that can only love me in my dreamscapes

We laugh and skip away down the cobbled streets

We step into a giant carvounous cave

But I will never be scared

As long as you’re there

As we kiss against the damp walls,

I hope this never ends

Then I get pulled out 

By morning’s bright,supernova,wrinkled hand

Kicking and screaming

And I know without doubt

That as soon as I’m awake

My heart will start to ache

Everything is bittersweet

Never as sweet as my dreamscapes

Everything is bittersweet 

Never as sweet as my dreamscapes

So I close my eyes once more right now,

Sleep is pulling me off the ground

So I start to drift off 

On the smooth,clean river

And I lift off to fly

Into another view of paradise

So I hope you’ll hold me close for hours in my dreamscape

Even it lasts shortly,

You’ll always be my favorite dream 



3 thoughts on “Dreamscapes (a poem)

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  1. It’s sublime and beautiful…compels the reader to drift into your dream and its amazing…it starts with a rhyme but then its more like freestyle…Nice anyway. Reading about types of poetry like sonnet, tanka etc will help for sure…looking forward to see more of your poems. Good luck:-)

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