A List/Poem on why I love Uuuuuuu Uuuuuuuu (And why I wish he would give me, a sorry excuse for a human, a chance,and love me like I love him)

  • You listen to me intently 
  • And when I say weird stuff you don’t give a damn
  • You don’t judge single word I say
  • And your a good person in oh so many ways
  • You can cheer me up
  • You can calm me down
  • You can lift me up off the ground
  • Your mom approved
  • Your never rude
  • Your kinda cute 
  • Your loyal and strong
  • Mentally as well as phisaacly
  • You’d never purposely break my heart
  • You’re loyal up and down
  • Your likable
  • Your talented 
  • Your funny
  • Your smart
  • Your incredible
  • Your jaw-dropping
  • Your never fake
  • Your honest
  • You’re never in a bad mood
  • You know how to make the storm suddenly soothe 
  • You’re awesome
  • Your want I want to be
  • You push me to be a better person
  • I love you so much
  • I had to make a list why
  • And I have to cut it off
  • Otherwise it might just reach into the sky ❤️

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