A Story Of A Prince (a poem laced with a fictional story) (THE ENDING IS AMAZING, ONE OF MY FAVROITE POEMS I’VE DONE! Please read!)

He rode into her life

Like a Prince Charming 

In his Camaro,

Shining white like a fairytale knight’s horse,

His handsomeness alarming

He wisked her away

Made her smile and laugh

Took her breathe away day to day

She rode away with him

Like a fair damsel on a white horse with a fairytale prince

She felt like royalty with him

He was her prince.

She danced with him every step of the way,

She kissed her first with him

And she he had swayed

And she loved him with all her heart

He loved her a bit, yes it’s true
But he loved himself more, that he knew 

His blonde hair was waving in the wind

Like an untold goodbye

As he rode away from her forever

No looking back,

He was looking at the sky

He was a Narcissist 

And a joke

She slept with him in full intimacy,
She gave it all to him willingly,

She adored him

But she gave herself too soon

He left late that afternoon

He has gone for good,

That she knew

He rode away

Smiling and laughing to himself,

Leaving her all alone, 

Except for a baby under her summer frock’s belt

The frock she wore just for him

Her heart was a giant welt

A princess no more

She cried for days

She was left feeling sore

Without a prince 
The prince rode to the next town over,

A rich neighborhood 

Where he became prince to another,

She rode with him

In his sparkling car

Like a fair damsel  on a white horse with a fairytale prince

She laughed with him,

She smiled with him,

And she loved him.

He made her feel like royalty 

She gave herself to him

In every way

Not knowing he would be gone

The very next day

He rode away one night

Without pain

Leaving her all alone in oblivion

He smiled to himself 

Thinking he was just so great

Feeling he could trick any girl

That he was a prince,

That there was no debate
He rode into the night

Then got hit by a truck head on

Almost as big as his ego

It was a nasty feat,
A karmatic treat

As he laid on a cot in the hospital 
He thought that this was just impossible 

He felt real rotten

And he no longer  had a look like royalty

His chance of living was slim

Already his vision was starting to dim

He passed away,
Within two hours

Still not knowing that girls have powers

He never knew
That girl one hundred and eight

Was the one who rammed into his sports car’s grates

And that she would live

And tell her story for many years to come…



With love from……





8 thoughts on “A Story Of A Prince (a poem laced with a fictional story) (THE ENDING IS AMAZING, ONE OF MY FAVROITE POEMS I’VE DONE! Please read!)

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    1. I never counted, but my guess is I’ve probably written around 900 poems, but out of all of them, this one is one of my favorites! In glad you loved it just of much! It gives me pleasure to know that people enjoy my poetry! Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great day Hannah!

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