An Epic Fail (A poem)

For the longest time

I steadily guarded my heart

But then you came and tore my attempts apart

I tried to avoid falling in love

Then you came and made me float to above

For years I wouldn’t wouldn’t let anyone in

Now your love would be the biggest win

I tried to avoid love

I tried to avoid what’s happening now

Dreams, obsessions, insecurities 

Stares, accelerated heartbeats, worship

I tried to avoid longing 

But now you are my deepest wanting

I tired so hard to block everyone out

Now if you would love me back I’d truely shout 

I tried to protect myself

Now I know that it didn’t work

Because every time I look at you

I warm

I shiver

My heart pounds

I smile

I yearn for you

I’d die for you

I love you

And my wall around me

Spiked with barb wire

Was an epic fail


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