Oh.My.God. Did he just say that? Wwwhhhaatttt!?! (A quick story) (about my crush and BFF)

Today is my 15th birthday and while I was sitting in my creative writing class, grumbling about my newest huge whopper zit on my ugly face, something happened that would lead to  a truely extraordinary happening. My creative writing teacher had come over to me, and decided to do my makeup. I don’t wear makeup, I’m not allowed to, but I am familiar with makeup types and brands and styles. I used to wear a little bit of makeup when I lived with my dad. I know how to put on makeup. I just never broke the rule to put on makeup myself. However, I do not appreciate it when my friends and acquaintances try to make my ugliness pretty and do a “makeover.” I have pretty bad experiences with that. People have made me look like an old lady, an eyeshadow addict, a raccoon, a cheap whore, an exspensive whore, a downright prostitute, and an extreme girly girl, which I am definitely not.  So when my teacher said she was going to do it, I had my doubts. She put a nice colored lipstick on me, blush, powder, mascara (My lashes are super long already, but whatever), and I think she may of put a bit of liner on my eyes. I looked different. It was better than the other times I was reformed, but I didn’t feel my confidence meter boost up at all. I still, felt ugly. Not to mention uncomfortable. Everyone was staring at me in the class and I wanted to like, bite someone’s head off, or hide under a table. I didn’t know what. I was griping but that’s kinda a habit I have for appreciation. I really liked that she didn’t make me look like a cheap whore. When I trudged out of the classroom when the bell rang, I was   planning to go talk to my friend and crush _______, like I usually did after sixth period in the halls. This is wher the true (OMG) story begins……

After we said our hellos, and I smiled at him like I always do, like he someone high up enough to be worshiped, he started to notice something…..He was staring at my face like I wish he would every time he would see me, like I was a beautiful masterpiece that he couldn’t  help but stare at and love. Just kidding! He was staring at my face though. Just not that way. But yes, I would love for him to look at me that way. Ever so slowly he says… “Keely, are you wearing makeup?!” I look up from my study of his hands, longing to feel their touch and smile like a dork again. “Yeah. My teacher did it. I didn’t ask for it. You have a opinion?” Back before May,before I finally realized I had loved him for the long time I did (And do),I never would of said this. I confessed that I loved him way back in May too. 

_______ started to stutter. “Wha-wha- I can’t see you like this! I mea-I mean” (OMG OMG OMG HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!) YOU LOOK GOOD!     (Squee!!!!!)  It’s just weird seeing you in makeup but I need to get to class. It was nice to talk to you. I will see you later. Happy birthday again!” I nearly died of happiness. He said I look good he said I look good he said I look good he said I look good he said I look good hesaidIlookgood he said I look good… squee!!!!

As I walked to my next class I knew I had a manic grin on my face and nothing could of made my day better.  It was like a dream. Yes, he didn’t say he has loved me all this time, he hadn’t asked me out, he hadn’t said he dated other girls to try to take his mind off of me, he didn’t kiss me and tell me he loved me and he will love me forever until he forgets me, he didn’t whisper in my ear that he loved me more than anything or anyone he’s ever encountered before, or that he wanted to give me a birthday kiss (which sadly, he couldn’t do anyway. I’ve never had anything more than pecks and I’d probably melt into a puddle of joy and nervous energy) but HESAIDILOOKGOOD!!!!!!! I MADE HIM STUTTER!!!! HE REMEMBERED MY BIRTHDAY ALL ON HIS OWN!!!! DAMN, I LOOK THIS FOOL TOO MUCH! HE WOULD MAKE SUCH AN EXCELLENT BOYFRINED, REMEMBERING BIRTHDAYS AND BEING SO AWESOME!

I love you _______  ________! If you ever read this, remember you are the one who is friends with me. You are the one who made this happen, for better or worse. 

I gotta go my readers, 

Have a great day!

With love,

Keely the lovesick, cynical reject, blogger


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    Happy Birthday Keely!!! I couldn’t help but come back and reread this. You made my day by sharing story. I could just feel your enthusiasm and I hope everything works out with you and _________. Have the best birthday ever!!!! 💐🎂🍦🍭🍰❤️🎉🎁

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