The Spector Song (dedicated to S.V and his Spector)

I want to start a new chapter

But your Spector keeps coming back to haunt me

You haunt me with

Your laughter

And Your hurt face

As I destroyed everything with a steady pace
Your Spector Won’t leave me alone

Won’t Leave me aaalooone!

Your haunting me

Your haunting me

Can’t you seeeee

You are haunting meeee 

Your Spector haunts me with the past
Of you and me

A time that didn’t last.

Your Spector torments my future

And takes me to the past

And burns me to ashes

And leaves me to waste away in the Regretting Lands
Spector, Spector go away

Don’t come back

Another way

Or daaayyy
Stop reminding me of the past

The one I ruined

The one you won’t let me forgggettt

I didnt mean to hurt anyone
Spector, please let me be
I have enough pain

I’m sure you can see

I want to forget you and move on 

But you coming  back

And my will against you is soon gone

Spector, spector leave me be

I’m begging you

Please, please, please

Leave me in peace

Take me out of the past

I’ll do anything

For you to stop haunting me

If a forgetting potion is what it takes

What it takes

What  it takes

But it would clear all the best memories of what was once us away

The best of What once was us away


I would choose to forget

I’d rather forget

Then be haunted every day

By yoooooouuuu
Spector, Spector

Please! Stop playing these games
I’m not used to guilt

This I can say

I’m not used to dwelling in the past

I move on

And keep on my path

But I’ve strayed away

You leeeeaaaddd me awaayyy
But for some reason your Spector

Brings  out these things

I’ve never known

A new perspective

A mystery so weird

There is no need to try a detective 

I’m guilty I know

Go put me on trial

Trust me, I won’t start a denial

I rather you, Spector to completly torment me one whole day

In the worst , worst way

Than for you to slowly torture me

As you do day to day

I’m stuck in the past

You keep pulling me in

Spector, Spector!

Oh, leave me be!

Your Spector haunts me with the past

Your Spector torments my future

Your Spector lingers in my present

A tingling presence

That won’t leave

I know you can’t fix this

Your Spector you can’t control

But maybe you can just understand

Your Spector won’t leave me alone

That he keeps a’haunting me

The past is almost bullying me

It won’t leave me alone

Can’t you see! 

This  is why I stare at you every week

With haunted eyes

Haunted eyes

Because you are just you Spector in disguise
So Spector, Spector!

Leave me be

If I could forget you

This would change

I’d rather forget 

Than live day by day

Tortured by the past

I want a new chapter

But this won’t go away
Haunted by the past

Tornemnted future

Horrible present

Spector, Spector

You control thee

Now I’m talking old fashioned

Like the past

Where you belong

Please go back

I need you goonnne!

This is the Spector Sooooonnnngggg!

I usually write poetry, but I also write songs. I actually sing pretty good, but I don’t sing in front of people. I haven’t wrote a song in awhile, so I hope this is as good as I think it is. I like it okay. It’s not my favroite, but I like it enough to post it. It captures how I feel. So I hoped you enjoyed this, and you keep coming back to keelythecynicalrejectblog for more poetry, short stories, songs, and ramblings. Thank you for reading!


Keely 💙


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