THE STORY OF THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTER-a poem by a hopeless blogger (Definitely me, in case you’re confused)

There is a storm 

No weather man would ever see

One only aware to me

And I may be no scholar

And I don’t have any degrees or any of that fancy shit

But I know

And I know well

All about it

The story of the beautiful disaster

I’d wish to tell

The severity and the remains

Need to be brought up

A recurring death

No newsman has ever brought up

I know

It’s only  me who’s had this “luck”

I’m just here to tell the story

And tell I will 

So, listen up!

You’re such a beautiful disaster

Flooding my heart,

Uprooting my fragile happiness

But somehow you place it back down again

Like a tornado that could only be you

No one else 

Unique and stunning

Breath taking

And most definitely beautiful 

You leave much awaste

And my desire lingering

Like a Tic Tac’s taste

But there is a sign before the storm

One I recognize 

And could never ignore

And it’s you

Making me feel warm

As soon as you pass by

A beautiful disaster can describe you

A deadly problem and happening

A force only I am grappling

But it takes a pleasant form

Hell, it takes A BEAUTIFUL  form!

But in the end,

It’s still a danger,

Still a storm

That’s designed to overcome me

That always wins

But I’m a girl who frequently finds danger

But I don’t mean the kind that comes with talking to strangers 

I’ve slow danced with suicide

 My partner pushed awfully close

And I stopped my dance

Only after it seeped past my toes

And I nearly fell dead

On the dance floor

Lined with deadly spikes and tragedy 

I felt this danger

But I was released 

and I survived

I’ve survived that!

I’ve chatted with psychos 

On bright, early mornings

And I may of watched my bright mornings turn dark

A time or two

And I may of pissed them off 

A time or two as well

But I missed being slain

By the truly insane

And escaped danger

Once more

I’ve survived that!

I’ve rode in a cop car

For a small reason

I didn’t know where I was going

Or what to do

As I sat handcuffed

In a cracked leather seat

Behind a man silent and huge

Bordering on beat

Bordering on defeat

And thinking of the bruises

Those hurting, digging, agonizing set of little metal rings would leave

I didn’t know what was to happen

If I would be jailed

And possibly hurt by true criminals

Or be simply just released 

I don’t know if I could say my peice

But I survived 

A danger once more

I survived that!

I have an aquantince

Who always has a weapon on hand

In some way or form

They are almost always angry

And has had violent tendicies for years

They are dangerous 

But I still talk to them every day

Still alive, still survived

I’ve made them mad

I’ve made them rage

I’ve survived that!

I’ve fought with severe depression 

My weak, feeble fist 

Against a deadly storm

When I fell into that hole

Where I was for years

The hole that could even bring the strongest to tears

And I even got put in wards

Because of that deadly sword

But I’ve survived that!

I’ve been through some danger

I thought I was no stranger

To that little thing called danger….

But this storm!

It’s a major danger and threat

One a size I’ve never met.


That’s it, 

The one thing that never fails to send me into a fit

I hate it, 

Yet I love it far more,

Because it’s you

You sweep beside me in one deadly, swift arc of power

And instantly I feel a brush of electric fire

Burning me terribly

In the heart, in the brain, 

In all of me

You hit me with with huge chunks like desire filled hail

Like a huge winter storm prevailed

And your eyes,

Well, they set me on fire

One completely uncontained and wild

Your gaze shocks my brain with lightning

And leaves me not knowing my own name

But knowing what’s to blame

You’re your very own storm

You bear fire, electricity, and much more

You’re a beautiful disaster,

And I always know what’s in store

You warm me up,

You’re my very best friend

Your kindness, loyalty,  and gentleness will never end

You’re all I want,

And just what I need

You’re my everything!

But oh,

You hurt me so bad

Destroying me

Crumbling me

Disabling me

Dissecting me

While I am still among the living

Destructing me

You hurt me so bad,

It’s a disaster!

There is no other way to explain it!

And it never stops.
But want to know a secret?

As much as I complain,

I can’t get enough of the pain.


Because it’s you.

You are such a beautiful,beautiful, destructive disaster

But you still build me up

You make smile

On the worst of days

And thinking of you makes me grin like a lunatic

Every time 

You make me act like a girl

The boy crazy, girly, fluttery types

Although the only boy I’m crazy about is you

Which is not the point

The point is,

Making me act girly is very hard to do

You make laugh
You make me question my negitive views on love

You make me believe in true love again

You make me think I’ve somehow found it at the age of 15

You make me open up somehow

You make me feel so many things

You make my days the best days

Simply if you’re in them

You are all I want,

You’re all I need.

And the fact that I love you, 

Out weighs your every accidental flaw 

And all reason

Because I love you so much it hurts to think about a time without you,

Or even a single day

Because you’re not just a disaster,

You are a beautiful one

And you’re my disaster

And I would never give you up

Even to end my pain

That originates from your storm







You cause my pain.

But I’ll never give you up.

I love you.

Buetiful Disaster,

I’ll stick around

“Pain overcomes you completely” my ass, 

“love overcomes you” 

that I believe in my heart

It’s true
This relationship we have
Proves that love and pain go hand in hand

But your hand will never be in my hand

And that tears me apart 

every item I look at you

Or feel your storm 

But I can’t stay away

So the cycle continues…..

……A lovesick girl

Foolish and led astray

Feels the pain of unreturned love

Day to day

But stays in the path

The path with him

No matter the wrath

Of the wrath of the disaster 

Because of that thing called love

This was the story I’d like to tell

The story of a love struck girl

Going through Hell

A girl Cupid has took vengeance on

A girl feeling pain and love at the same time

A girl who has discovered the pain of a beautiful disaster 

Like girls before her have

This is the story of a girl named Keely

And a boy and and a beutiful disaster named William

And the pain she feels

That he doesn’t quite understand 

This is the story I’d like to tell

This is the story I’d like to tell

The story of the beutiful disaster 

Note: For years I have wanted to write a poem with this title. Now that I have, it isn’t how I pictured it to be, but I am still happy with the results. I hope you were too! Also, for the first time on this blog, I have put the name of the guy I love. It’s just the first because of safety precautions. Security and stuff.   Now, instead of writing my poetry with his  name in it, then having to omit out of the blog posts, now I don’t have to! I sure you will see future posts with his name.



With love, 

Keely (the cynical reject)


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