You (just) can’t convince me otherwise (a poem)

I’m a monster

You’re a hero

I am hideous

You are far more beautiful 

I am fat

You have the perfect body

You’re more valuable than all the greatest jewels combined

Let’s even throw in some wads of cash

I am completely worthless

Your all anyone could ever need

I am dumb
You are blazingly smart

I’m an asshat (Not part of the poem: yes, I said asshat, I love that word!)    

And a horrible person

You’re the greatest, kindest,

And a role model and inspiration 

I am useless

You are talented and handy

I am freak-ish

You’re near perfection

I’m a puny, insignificant mortal

You are an impending God

I am weak

You are strong

Inside and out

I’m a fool in love’s hands

You just may be immune

But sometimes you can cause it

Never forget the cause it

I am not good enough for you

And pretty much everyone else

And you are….

Although unaware,

Too good for almost everyone

Maybe 99%

You are amazing

I am horrendous

You (just) can’t convince me otherwise 


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