I’ll be waiting…(a poem to S.V, begging for mercy once more)( #RollingMyEyesAtMyself)

                                                  Fairytale to a nightmare

                                              Misery and guilt  prevailed on me

                                               This is the new version of us


I think of you 

And I know I shouldn’t

I know it’d be best for me

To forget and move on

But I’m stuck in the past

Where are legs twisted like Twizzlers

And didn’t nt stay as far away as possible 
Where you smiled at me

With joy of a great level 

And not give me cold looks

If I glance your way in passing

Where we shared things

And not where we don’t even share words 

Where we held each other close 

 not push each other as far away as possible

I keep thinking of you,

An ex-boyfriend

An ex-friend

Thinking of how much I wish this tension was pretend

I wish I’d be joking around with you still

Laughing and listening to your ridiculous stories

I don’t wish to be with you again

I just want back my friend 

The past keeps haunting my present

I think of you

 it’s true

And I keep going n wishing

You’d forgive me

For all I had done

9 months later,

Your forgiveness still amounts to none

I once was your number one

now I’m nothing

My apologies 

are not mere bluffing

I wish you’d see

That I miss you

And Guilt sticks to me like slime

What once was once is now destroyed 

And not a single thread is left

Of the tapestry of love and happiness we created together

Side by side

Smiling and pressed close

 in that mere month 

We were “us”

It’s all destroyed 

A peice of trash is not what you are to me
Believe me

You’re so much more

Maybe that’s why I can’t let you go

I miss you

And I hope someday you’ll miss me too

And forgive me for all I’ve done

I’ll  be waiting….

THAMKS FOR READING EVERYONE! I hope you come back for more poetry, songs, stories, and rambles at keelythecynicalrejectblog!!! And I hope you enjoyed your visit! Have a great day!

With love,

Keely (the cynical reject)


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