Katie,Katie (A farewell poem to an AMAZING freind)

Katie, Katie

Why did you have to leave? 

You were making me start to believe

Katie, Katie

I cried when I heard the word you had already left

I was confident that I could talk to you in the end

Tell you how much I amend you

Now your gone

Now I’m empty inside

You were the best friend I’d dreamed of all my life

All my friends are male

I can’t talk to them they way I talked to you

The other female friend

Is kinda stale

She doesn’t care how much I hurt

Even know that your gone

Don’t get me wrong,

She, country bumpkin is great

But I can’t talk to her about much

Which I hate

I can’t very freely make comments of my fucked up family

No one in my friend list

Understands this problem

But you

I can never wait for you to get to school again

I can never share a strong dislike about a sibling with someone again that understands

You almost hate your sibling too

You get it

I can never again feel smug inside about having a friend like you

I can never have to to cheer me up on the worst of moods

I can never come and tell you all my problems with William

I knew you understand heartbreak

But know your gone

And the lack of friends to go to

Makes another crack in my heart

Earnestly joining the rest 
Your simply gone now
And There will never be another you

Katie, Katie

I wished for a great friend

Then you arrived

When I first saw you

I didn’t think you’d accept me

But I hoped

You had a look of someone I needed to meet

And I rectancaly went over to you 

And took a seat

You looked so alone

Everyone else didn’t even look at you

And it felt so cold

You were new

And here new is old

No one cared

So I made point of doing so

You talked to me

For unknown reasons

Even after you heard my middle school treasons

I showed you around the school 

And you showed me around happiness

Which you slowly reached too

We were both so alone in the world

And when we met

We suddenly weren’t

You understood me somehow

And I understood you

You accepted me 

Even after I told you some scary stories of my past troubles

You didn’t think I was some crazy bitch

But a crazy but amazing person

You have been here for me

Since day one

Monday April 25,2016

You saved me

Now I’ve lost you only after  a short nine months

Katie, Katie

Why did you have to leave?
When I heard you say you were moving our sophomore year

I fretted about

Scared to be without you

But when I heard you say two weeks ago

That you were about to go


I guess I should known it would come soon

You said you’d be gone tomarrow

But you left half way through today

While I was nodding off in Geography

You were driving away

Boxes packed close

Taking you away

And a peice of my heart with you

As I sat trying to pay attention to a bore

My heart began to sore

I thought it was because I thought you were leaving soon

But later I knew 

That you had gone

And I had missed my chance to say goodbye

I had lost so much

In so little time

You being gone

Is like a hole in the sky

Or more likely in my heart

My eyes poured tears

Though pointless

They won’t bring you back

People say you can contact her

But I can’t

I have no way to

I don’t even know where you are now

I’m freaking out,


It’s true

But I already fucking miss you

Katie, Katie

Why did you have to leave
I started thinking of all our times together

Then I started to blubber

And cry once more

You leaving has me tore

I’ll never forget the day you said

“Keely, I’m worried that one day you’ll ditch me. You and Marcus are my only friends. I don’t want to loose you as a friend. So tell me now, would you ever ditch me?”

You had spoken my worry that I had for you

That you would leave me someday

I assured you I wouldn’t

I would never leave your side

But know you have left me

And I’ve been  torn from your side

Our vows are broken

Against our control 


This sucks!

Katie, Katie!

Why did you have to leave?!
I’ll never forget the day you left

Tuesday, February 14,2017

Not because it was Valentines Day,

I would of remembered if it was a more random date

Just like I remember the exact day you came into my life

And not because you came at good timing

Right before S.V *(Read previous poems for what happened with S.V, and who he is)* broke up with me

I’ll remember you

Down to the slight tint of green in your eyes

Hiding Behind your black framed hipster glasses

You are amazing

And I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know

Katie, Katie

Why did you have to leave?
There will never be another you

No matter how far or long I look

The greatest girl I know

Now has been took

This isn’t just a sad poem

This is my life

And right now your departure 

Has me spasming

Please remember what I’ve told you in the past

Your beautiful not pretty and don’t ever think your ugly,

You promised me never to take your life

Even when things are really heavy,

Hey look!

Something we share my readers!

We both are depressed!

Your amazing,

Don’t let the haters get you down,

Keep being your amazing self.

Please remember these things

And all other that I told you

I put effort into keeping you happy

And none I said are lies

Please believe me Katie,

‘Tis my last wish

Or not,

I’m fucking selfish

My last wish is that you stay happy

And that someone else will take the time to know you

You seem quiet to those who don’t know you

But you aren’t so really

I wish someone will be a great friend to you 

who will remind you that you are amazing

I don’t care the gender age or manner

Any of that stupid shit 

I just wish for you to have a companion 

Who is as good as a freind to you 

As you were to me

I can’t wish you back

But I wish for you to be happy

Your departure is horrible


But I hope good comes from it

Maybe you’ll change some else’s life like you did to mine
Katie, Katie

I know you have to go

The facts are facts

And I know you’ll never get to read this

You won’t even know it existed

But you are the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time

I want to thank you

Before you go
Katie, Katie

I’ll miss you so

Katie, Katie

I know you have to go

So Katie, Katie

You have my every gratitude 

And I love you so much (as a freind) it kills me to see you go

But I hope you are happy wherever the wind has to blow

Don’t forget me…..

Because I’ll never forget you…………


My best friend…..

 Good Bye….

And thank you for being in my life…

Katie, Katie

NOTE: sorry I forgot to uncover the YOU in the picture I  accedently covered the other day. Oops….


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