Puppet Booth

You can move me wherever you choose

You have the power 

Over me

Pull my strings

Make me move 

You can shake me around with the slightest movement

You have me trapped
Like a puppet in a puppeteer’s grasp

But it’s not your fault

I’m living in a puppet booth

I was was the one who got myself into this mess

Loving one who won’t ever love me

You pull my strings

Make me change my doings

You have somehow started a ruining

In my heart

Though small

It still capable

Of being destroyed….
You have all control

No longer can I try the mend this

You have taken my heart

And you tweak with it everyday 

You are becoming a puppeteer 

You went from a talented musician

To a talented puppeteer

Good enough you can make a career

As a puppeteer 

You pull me around

You have all control

You can make me different

Change my ways

You can change my ways

Cuz you my puppeteer 

So you can pull me around

So name me the helpless puppet Keely

It’s okay

I’ve long forgiven you

You, who controls my actions at times

Because I know you 

Will never lead me wrong

Never will you trick me

Or purposely torture me

Especially for long

I know you’ll lead

With a will

I’ll know you’ll let loose of my strings at times

I’d be free

But missing you

The puppet booth 

Is where I’m happy

Near you

And even as I type this

I’d not shower and let my hair grow nappy

If I could spend one night by your side

Not sex

But a time where it’s just the two of us together

I want you

My puppeteer 

No one else

Or anything else from you

I want your love

I want you to feel the same

I’m a puppet

But your a puppeteer 

How would this ever work out?!

Its impossible

 It’s my fault I’m a puppet now

But it’s okay

I love you tremendously 
So meet me at the puppet booth

You can make me smile

Like no one else can

I tried someone else

Your string just wouldn’t turn to crumble like and sand

You only can send me to the happy lands

I’d never seen Cloud 9

Until I found myself laughing and loving to be by side

In the beginning 

Even as a freind

Only you can fill my heart

Pull at it

Control it

But it’s okay

I can’t resist you

No time to play

I told you one day how I feel

Your strings let me loose

Took me to a kneel

A collapsed marionette 

You let me calm

You said some desire is nothing wrong

You my puppeteer continued your path 

But you never said my words back 

You liked someone else

But know you don’t 

And I still don’t have a chance

A tragic story we create together

At the puppet booth

We aren’t meant to be together

But I won’t give up

I have strings still attached

And a puppeteer who I can’t leave

Even with no strings attached
So meet me at the puppet booth

Where my heart seems to stay in waiting

Waiting to see you again

Waiting to be filled with an undescribable escasty

I’m your puppet

You have all control

Sotimes I think of you

And I feel my legs move in a way I can’t control

I find out

I’m taking 

An unplanned stroll

I find myself next to you

Next to my puppeteer 

Ready to take me to the puppet booth

With a simple hello

This is bad

But I can’t let you go

Don’t leave me

It hurts enough

But if you go

My strings will stretch

Please don’t go!

Don’t walk away!



Please come back to the puppet booth

I can’t live fully happy if you leave

It’s time fooooorrr the pupppet boooooothttth!

Pup-pet booth
Pup-pet booth

My love for you

Is strong

So keep coming along

My love for you is strong

So keep coming along

Be my puppeteer 

I love you, so

Be my puppeteer

Come along

It’s time for the puppet booth

So come along

Let’s perform my sad story once more

There is no end of thy Puppetbooth

My love…….


10 thoughts on “Puppet Booth

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  1. Wow, have you read any Plath I’m guessing? Your structure and tone really resonates with her style, and I like it! 🙂 I was a poetry major in college, and for a freshman in college I must compliment your use of metaphor! Keep writing, keep practicing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, ooops. I’m sorry I don’t respond to your comment sooner. It for some reason didn’t show up on my comments stream. No, I actually haven’t even HEARD of Plath, so I certainly haven’t read her works. Thank you for your amazing compliments! Also, I’m a freshman in high school, NOT in college. Thank you for your feedback!💙💙💙

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my god thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad you enjoy my poetry! Yes, I write all of my poetry by myself. And even though I created this blog for a creative writing class, I’m going to continue this blog even free I am done with this class. I love writing so much,and I’ll keep writing on this blog, don’t worry Alyssa!

      Liked by 1 person

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