A morning conversation with my crush 

This conversation  begins with me feeling empty inside and sad for some reason this morning and deciding to search out William to make myself feel better. Enjoy!

My mind: I hope he doesn’t show up really, really late. He’s such a band geek.💙He almost lives in the band hall. I need to pay a lot of attention to the entrance where he’s going to come from. What if I miss him? What if I don’t see him? I should be able to because of his bright blue jacket. Wait! A blue jacket! Oh…wrong jacket… What the fuck?!? Why is my heart beating so fast?!….Oh, he’s a few feet away. That explains it….I better make my way over there……….Ah ha! I’m here!

William: Hi

Me: Hey. In case you were wondering, I was waiting for you again. 

William: Yeah, figured as much. (Smile.) It’s okay though, I don’t mind. (Smile Widens)

(We start to walk down the hall)

William: (cuts to the chase and acts his goofy self and says something funny.)

Me: (Grins and laughs)

Me: William,you know…..(abrupt silence)

William: Keely, you okay?  (Concerned)

Me: Sorry, got distracted … You know, I was waiting for you because I’ve had a really shitty morning and I needed something to cheer me up… and you can cheer me up almost instantly. I knew you could cheer me up and you have, within seconds.

William: I’m glad I cheered you up. I hate to see you moody. Hey, my stop is right here, so I got to go.I’ll see you later. Don’t be late!

Me: Ok, bye. (Smile)

William: Bye. (Smile)( walks into to classroom)

My mind: stop smiling like a doofus, you look stupid…. and also,you need to control yourself.. stop loving him…it will help….. NOW GET YOUR ASS TO CLASS FOOL! AND WORK ON FALLING OUT OF LOVE WITH HIM!!!! FIND A F-ING FLAW ALREADY!



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