Wings (A poem)

I was falling 


Drifting down

Then I found my feet on the ground
I was no longer breaking

My depression was no longer taking

Well, much

But still on the ground,

I had some bad times

Mud to sink in

Often wrote these sad rhymes 
Some days I stood straight

Took no bait

But never did I have a way to change my down smile

I just had to deal with it

Nothing was a quick fix

Still weighed down with heavy bricks

My depression sometimes seeped in 

Slightly slimed

Though it went away

Though created small emotional crimes

Here and there 

But gave me no more urge to die
Sometimes still on the ground

My sadness would sneak in

Without a sound
Slowly through time

These things didn’t happen so often

But still I didn’t have

A remedy 

So when I had a bad day


Or month

I’d have to wait for it dissolve 
One day I was in a horrible mood

Maybe you can imagine,

Since It was the first day of school 

Classes were filled with “popular” assholes

And their goons

Their evil female counterparts 

Filled with fools

Robot teachers were up to three 

Bad was all I can see
So as I entered my seventh period


What fun, (SARCASM)

I looked around the room

Seeing if there was anyone I knew
Then I saw you

Hadn’t talked to you in a year

At the time

Didn’t really have a choice 
You smiled at me

Gestured for me to take a seat

A seat next to you

I smiled too

“It’s nice to have a class with you again

It’s been awhile”
Cred I said

“Yeah I know right?!”

Was your earnest response 
I was scared of Spanish 

Scared of the language

But I found myself looking forward to going to that class

We laughed

We talked

We played around

We were friends again

You were what changed my sour moods


I found my remedy
Through time

I started to fall for you

I didn’t know

But later I knew

I confessed to you

Although you knew already

And you didn’t ditch me

But stayed at your side

Changed my bad days full of cries

Turned them around

Made me smile

Being in the presence of you

Can keep me happy for time miles
Now I’m in high school

I don’t have any classes with you

But when I’m down

I still manage to find you
You can change my mood in seconds

You make me float high above

You lift me up

Into the sky

You are my wings 


9 thoughts on “Wings (A poem)

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  1. I absolutely love poetry so this was a pleasure to read! Did you write this yourself? I really admire people that are able to write poetry. I have tried many times, but it is not my forte. Keep up the great work!
    Also, I noticed that you followed my old blog so thank you for that! However, I have been relocated to and I would love if you would re-subscribe to me there!
    Thank you in advance and I look forward to reading more of your content 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Do I have to subscribe in order to see your work? I’m not allowed to subscribe to anything, and my mom finds out everything after some time. I’m really good at breaking rules without getting caught or getting caught fast. With a lot of other things I would sneak or do it anyway, but the no subscribing rule, if broken, would result in severe punishment. My younger brother ruined that freedom. So, I hope I don’t have to subscribe to see your stuff, I really want to see your work, but I might not get to if I have to subscribe….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You will still be able to go to my website at and view my blog! You just won’t get notifications when I post new content because you aren’t subscribed. Just make sure you stop by my website to check for updates because I try and post new content frequently!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. And also, even though you can’t write poetry, you’re really talented in other ways. In multiple ways. My only talents are making big mistakes, writing, and reading books really fast. I can’t sing, play sports, do artwork, play video games really well, cook, fix things, or anything like that. I’m a really good actress though, but I could never remember a script for my life, I’ve actually tried, for two years I was in theatre for school. Be happy with your talents, it must be nice to have them. And poetry is extenply hard to write for most people anyway.
      And also, again, yes I write all of my poetry by myself, and I don’t have anything or anyone that I use for inspiration either. All my poetry I’ve ever written I came up with completely on my own.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful work. I’m in college and I have to take Spanish which I’m worried about but I know I’ll probably be fine as it was my first language when I was a baby. Your work is really good. I’m noise that much of a writer but I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me as I have stated this blog for school and am looking for followers. If not that’s ok. Thank you for your unsorted quirk and I hippie everything goes well for you in school 😉 happy blogging

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d be glad to follow your blog! I’m really glad that you like my stuff, and I appreciate your feedback. My blog is also for a class, but it for my creative writing class not my English class like your probably is. And happy blogging to you too! 💙

      Liked by 1 person

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