The Tale Of Adhya and Nooma-The Tale of how the Moon came To Be (It’s a Myth that I made up by the way)(and was meant to be a tall tale)


There was a time when all nights were dark & feared. Only one person could imagine a different night. A young painter named Nooma painted a different night, where a ball of light lit up the night & brought joy to all.

Nooma lived in a small village and in a minuscule home. He was always alone, and not just because the village was small. He was left out all because of he was so poor. Everyone in the village treated him horribly. And even worse, there was never a single visitor in the village, until one day.
News had spread around the village that a visitor, a beautiful foreign maiden, had arrived in town. The mayor scheduled a dance at the village’s commons for the following afternoon in her honor.

Nooma couldn’t afford a horse,so he had to walk to the event, he wore his best and only unstained attire. When he arrived, he was sweaty, and thanks to a servant’s careless driving of a cart on a slippery, muddy street, covered in mud. He wanted to meet the beautiful maiden badly. But he decided that it couldn’t be so. He was poor, sweaty, and covered in sticky, black mud. He would only embarrass himself.

When Nooma entered the commons, he set straight for a shady corner, and was very careful not to run into dancing couples, they would anger quickly. From across the commons, he saw the beautiful maiden. When he was about to look away, she happened to look up. When their eyes met, Nooma swore that there a shock in the air. The maiden walked over to him, to Nooma’s extreme surprise.
They talked awhile, and Nooma found out that her name was Adhya. He was told that Adhya meant creator, and that she longed to create something special to live up to her name. For some reason, he trusted her even at that moment. He told her of his paintings, the ones with that ball of light in the night sky. She was in awe, and asked to see them. Nooma was shocked that Adhya hadn’t turned on him, dismissed him as crazy.

 He took her to his home, and she ogled and praised at the paintings with vigor. Nooma was under the impression that Adhya would leave as soon as she was done looking at his work. He was under the impression that she would leave with a polite handshake and a polished goodbye. Adhya needed up staying for hours more. Nooma and Adhya talked together earnestly, and got to know each other quickly. They talked about everything from village customs to favorite pies.When it was time for Adhya to go, she left with a smile and an offer of coming over the next day. He accepted it with glee.

Adhya visited Nooma often, and after awhile their friendship became a romance. They had the purest and truest of love, and all of the townspeople were envious. After awhile, Adhya moved in with Nooma. She had been placed in town guest house, which was really nice inside, but she wished to be with him. 

A day came where Adhya came home and told Nooma that she had to leave. She said through tears she couldn’t tell him why and it was something important. She promised him that she’d be back one day. As she climbed into a carriage, she was weeping, as was Nooma, although somehow the was Adhya who poured more tears and sorrow.

 When Nooma returned home, he found a note from Adhya on his bedside table. To his disbelief, it said she was a runaway goddess, who wanted to stay to Earth, and then more importantly at his side, and that she’s was caught, but she won’t be hurt. Last, the note said he would have a dream vision that night, and to take it seriously. He knew he would, he’d never even think to doubt her.

That night, he had a dream that he was in bed and he heard Adhya’s voice telling him to go look outside into the night sky. So he went out into the night and looked up at the night sky. He let out a sharp gasp as he saw that his ball of light was in the sky, lighting up the night. But it wasn’t his ball of light exactly…This ball of light was round, not flat, and it was real! Nooma was even more shocked when a note fell from the sky. It was, once again, a note from Adhya. He felt a lump in his throat rise as he saw Adhya’s looping handwriting. He felt a tear slide down his face as he read. “My love, I made this for you as a gift. I call it “A Moon.” I named it after you. Your name spelt backwards is “A Moon.” I love you.Please don’t forget me, I’ll never forget you.” Nooma slid to the ground and stared up at his Moon for the rest of the night.

Nooma waited for what felt like forever for Adhya to come back. Sometimes he would leave his room at night to go look up at the Moon, wishing that she would appear like the Moon did every night. Months later, Adhya came back.

She visited him often, but she still had to go back to her mysterious origins every time. They weren’t separated for long, until one day Adhya was faced with a tragedy.

Adhya opened the cottage door with glowing animation. She had amazing news for Nooma, she could stay with him forever now, and could make him immortal so they could stay together forever. When she pushed open the door, she was greeted with an uneasy silence. Where was his joyful shout at her return? Where was his yelling of her name with both ferocity and tenderness? She entered the house, breathing hard. She went to their bedroom, with the idea that he must be asleep from a long night of painting. There he was, asleep on their bed, his head not facing her. She smiled with affection. She shook him gently, but he would not wake. Adhya noticed that for some reason Nooma was very cold. She turned his head and was shocked with what she saw and felt. She felt like her heart was torn from her chest even before she realized what was wrong. She noticed Nooma’s eyes looked dull and still, and his lips looked blue-ish in tone. She realized he wasn’t breathing. 

She collapsed and screamed in pure agony again and again and screamed her throat raw, and continued on even after that. Her tears soaked her her beautiful face and the shabby carpet. She wept, and wept. She felt like part of herself was torn form her, and she would be lost forever without her missing part. She stayed on that floor for days, but eventually she had to get up.
Adhya made a new moon every year after Nooma died in Nooma’s honor. After a century from the day he died, Adhya starting creating mini-Moons, or what we now call stars. Without their love, we wouldn’t have the moon in the night sky to guide us. Nor would we even have the stars. Without them the night would still be feared, not loved and celebrated by many. Next time you look up into the night sky, think of Adhya and Nooma and why that Moon is up there to gaze at. And maybe, you might catch a glimpse of Adhya in the sky, making more stars or moons, or perhaps, just enjoying the night.


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