My (Mundane) Spring (What?!) Break 2017

My Spring Break was my weekend. Not this weekend, but every weekend. Rarely do I have a Break from school that is filled with, or even marked with fun or unusual opportunities. A trip to relatives or the beach? As if!

Like every weekend, or even every day, I end up wishing to pull my hair out on the basis of my younger brother, and yet again, I stare at the bathroom sink,still wondering how in the heck it got so dirty so fast, I pointlessly scavenge for entertainment, I scram to do homework….. But wait, you may ask…Why does she have homework over the break?

I am very ashamed to say,this is because I am an extreme procrastinator and I ended up with lots of missing assignments to do this Spring Break. I am not giving a number, so feel free to use your imagination. It wasn’t the most entertaining activity, you could say the least. Other boring tasks range far into the sunset. I did five loads of laundry (Well, actually that one wasn’t so bad), vacumned, mopped, sweeped, scrubbed the sink twice, filled up six different loads in the dishwasher, then all the in between before it reached capacity, counted the hours until Spring Break was over (This was for myself. I like school, so what?!), babysat our new dog (Blog post on that coming up soon), and listened to my brother talk.(Usaully I would either A) Tell him to shut up B) Talk over him [Either by telling him one of MY stories/experiences/problems/opinions of what he was saying or by talking loudly in a squeaky voice to the cat], C) yell something [e.g OH MY GOD, WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME YOUR DRAWING! DO YOU REALLY WANT MY OPINION?!?] D) Say something dramatic, followed by a huge sigh, E) Say something really rude, gross, mean,or low, F) Ignore him,but only after telling him off.) but my parents were asleep, and waking them would result in big trouble.

I got to sleep in 4 out of the 9 days of the break, which was really nice. Another thing notable is the fact that Wendsday I went to the eye doctor and I’m FINALLY getting new glasses. I’m on the ugly side and my current pair of glasses don’t help that much, and give me no justice. I look better without my glasses SOMEDAYS, but that doesn’t even matter because I have horrible vision. I could never do contacts either. So at least that was good. Although I DID have to go through the bubbly, I-Talk-To-All-My-Patients-Like-They’re-Babies-Even-The-One-Giving-Me-The-Teenage-Angst-Look (I was moody, nowhere near to smiling, impatient, hungry, and irratiable, so I did give off that vibe),middle age, blonde, giggly, and “really nice”(My mom’s words) doctor lady.

The high point was my mom taking me to Chuy’s. For those who don’t know, Chuy’s is a delicous Tex-Mex restaurant. I love Chuy’s to pieces, but if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to go once a year.

As a child, I loved nachos (with only cheese or plain) and quesadillas (But only with cheese.) This was as far as I got on the “Mexican Food” spectrum. Four years ago I was introduced to Chuy’s. I realized I loved a certain type of burrito:cheese, Spanish rice, and chicken. I devoured those burritos for a little over a year until my mom tried to introduce my brother to my happy food distributor.He doesn’t like any Mexican food, but he loves hamburgers. Hamburgers were on the menu. Thank goodness!……………………………….And they weren’t good enough for my brother.

Since that day, some years ago, I’ve only had Chuy’s maybe three times. I tried other Tex-Mex places, lots of them. But they just weren’t right. I didn’t like any of them, especially the rices.Chuy’s rice is so delicious and could not be replaced. I was so happy when my mom took me there, and I got two shirt there. Chuy’s has some awesome shirts that have references for things in pop culture and some pretty fantastic play on words. 

My Spring Break was mundane, but at least my food wasn’t. My mom made lasagna, pancakes, and grilled chicken during Spring Break. Not to mention my Chuy’s galore. 

Papers,dirty plates,dirt, glasses machinery knick-knacks,money, rice, folded clothes, and pancakes were stacked,but most importantly, the last hours of Spring Break have been stacked. Right now as I type, I have less than three hours before my stack of hours left will tumble and fall. Pretty soon my Spring Break will be over. When that time comes, at least I’ll have something to look forward to:SCHOOL!

…..But then again the weekend will come….But time will always loop back again….Maybe next year, when time loops back around, my Spring Break will be more exciting. You never know.


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