Body Contact (A poem) 

I like to brush against you

When we walk togther

Simple body contact with you

Brings me pleasure

Skin on skin

I guess it could be Sin

The way you melt me down
Punching you in the arm

Makes my smile round

I guess it could be self-harm

The way I let you destroy me

It’s not an abusive relationship

It’s not something that should be reported 

Because it’s simply

that I’m addicted to you

Which is no good when it’s unrequited love

I want to be by your side
Close as a glove

I want your love
Making excuses

Saying I need help fixing my watch

So you’d touch my arm

With your hands

Skin on skin!

You’d think I’d had a Botch

By the way my face strained

Not to smile in bliss
Your lips

That I just can’t touch

The ones

I wish to kiss

So much
My fire

My passion

You’re such a distraction

Those lips

I desire

You feed my fire

Which burns

And burns

And burns

Some more
Handing you something

Not moving my hand until the last second
My hand skims yours

I wish we could open doors


That we could explore

That we could hold hands

And I wouldn’t have to plot 

To simply touch you

But no

I cannot

You won’t love me

So I’m left to loving you all alonpe

My heart would be stone

It would crack

And become hard and heavy

If I lost you

But at least it’s body contact!
Your hand

Next to mine

This is just fine

I reach for your hair

Not caring who stares

With all the pain you give me

I think it should at least be fine
For them to see me do it

They definitely know your not mine

Your hair ripples

Under my touch

So fluffy…

But then when I take my hand away

I switch it up
I slide my hand downwards

Down the side of your face

You cringe away

Ashamed of my bold display

You care what people think on somethings

Not everything for sure

But me touching you 

And it being seen

Without him actually being with me

Is one of the somethings


You huffed, irritated 

I toss a nonchalant “What?”

That’s just what I do

Play it low key

No one needs to know how much 

I feel

When I get


With you
Poking you

Over and over

Such a simple action

Gives my satisfaction 

Makes me happy all over

Zings are the newest liking of mine

The newest fad

They travel through my body

And then your eyes meet mine

You say to stop poking

So I do

But then I result to tapping

I would say I’m sorry,

But I’m a self creature

And sadly

And truthfully

I’m not
I grab your arm
I poke your arm

I punch your arm

I tap your arm

I brush your arm with mine

I stand with you shoulder to shoulder

I touch your face

I touch your hair

I stroke your hair

I brush my leg against yours

My shoulders brush yours

My fingers brush yours

I bump into you 

I brush your hand

And I dream of more
I want your lips

I want to be in your arms
I want to be held by you

I want to hug you

I want to brush your lips

I want my first real kiss from those lips

I want to hold your hand

I want to memorize how our bodies would fit togther

I want to run my fingers absently

Around your knuckles and palm

Like they do in books

I want your touch


But the most important body contact I want

Or really it’s just contact

Is I want to touch your heart

Like you’ve touched mine

You’re not just some person I like

Maybe I’m insane

Maybe I’m just crazy

Maybe I’m just naive 

But after all this time

I think it may be LOVE
I just want to touch your heart

Like you’ve touched mine

I want to be in your heart

Like you are always in mine
It’s more that your touch

More that your lips

I just want to touch your heart
I hope someday
That this will be fine

But until then,

Know that you live in mine


3 thoughts on “Body Contact (A poem) 

Add yours

  1. This invoked so many of my senses ❤ I can really feel and relate to this – the metre is excellent, really helps to build the rhythm of the poem and help it build and flow! 🙂 As for the actually feelings in the poem – have felt like this many many times hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! And I’m glad you enjoyed my poem! I’m glad that it made you feel. I was trying to make the poem emotionally productive and I’m glad that it worked. I was kind of skeptical, but now it’s paid off! Thank you’😁😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

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