Keeping a peice

I’ve given you so much

I’ve even given you my heart to clutch 

If you please

What did you do with keys

To my all, my love?

You opened me up

Now I fall

It all depends on your call

What’s to happen?

What’s been lost?

What’s to happen,


you have an extensive haul

Of me that’s been given 

To you,

It’s true

Nothing’s glossed

All is left raw

So here I am,


This isn’t an act of theft

On your part

I handed it all to you 

Messed up

Like a decades old horse cart

And I guess the cart could be applied to this

I’m about the ten biilonth girl

Who’s fallen into love’s deadly, sinister trap

With one who doesn’t love her back

Giving isn’t one of my knacks

But with you

I didn’t even have time to try to adapt

If you left

I would weep

And fall into dust

Swept away to oblivious fools who 

Haven’t felt the bottom ground on shards

And the scrapes

Gifted to those who fell too far

And lost miserably 

So cheers

To the fire

That would burn my escasty to tarrs 

If I said I didn’t miss anything


I would be a foolish, vain liar

But it wouldn’t be for the parts

Of me 

I’ve given you

That would leave with your depart

But really just for the one part of life

I can’t live without

I could bet this 

with the threat of a butchering knife

Alighing with my throat

It’s not a doubt 

It wouldn’t be the parts of me 

That I’ve given you

I’d miss 

or feel incomplete for

But simply the part of you

That’s become part of me

You didn’t give this to me

It didn’t even leave you

But it grew in me

And it’s so hard

To pull up the roots

You’re embedded in me

Like my bones

And your essence is spreading into the unknowns

How am I to pull you out of me

If I can’t reach the location

Of where this all started?

How am I supposed to remove you

If you’re part of me now?

You’ve become my all

And I’ve given you 

Almost all I have

If I carried money
And you needed a bill

Quickly your hand would be filled 

It doesn’t matter

That I never be your honey

And If  I had only a single morsel of food left

Bordering on starvation 

I’d give you it all

Not even keeping a mere crumb of so

Tinged with no frustration 

And I just want you to know

I’d give you


And I’ve already 

Given you

Almost all I have to give

But I’d keep on giving

I mean,

I’ve already given you

My heart

Don’t you realize

How much I love you?

Don’t you realize it’s likely that I’m obsessed?

If you needed life in you

And you were slipping away

I’d hold you close

If I could

I’d put my arms around you

Like I wish you would do to me

You could be burning from fire

But my actions wouldn’t tire

You could be covered in mud

But no hesitation would bud

You could be contagious 

But I wouldn’t mind at all

You could be holding hands with your wife 

Of 50 years 

And I wouldn’t even blink

Well, at least the times that weren’t caused from my tears

You could be bleeding designs on my new white shirt

But my will wouldn’t hurt

But that kind of doesn’t make sense

Since I don’t even wear white

But that isn’t the point 

But trust me,

It’s in sight

Believe me, 

I would hold you close

Run my finger down your face

Kiss you with all the passion

I’ve saved up

For you

And then some

I would hold you closer

The world would be as fake as posers

Everything would disappear 

Just me and you

Like I wanted it to be

But I didn’t ask for even more devastation 

And the hand that wasn’t on your face

Would be holding your hand

My state would be  fragile like a vase

I’d pull away with a tender smile

And teary eyes

I’d hug you 

One last time

And whisper that I love you

And thank you for all you’ve done

And say my last goodbye

Before giving you my life force
Like in a fantasy story

But the only fantasy here

Is the way

I dream of being with you

Because it’s well known

I’m not going to get a happily ever after
So how’s my heart doing, love?

How are you so imperfectly imperfect 

That you have no idea you possess my heart

But you still keep it so safe?
I’ve given you so much it’s insane

To most

But not to me

It makes so much in my eyes

After all 

You’ve seen all the things I hide

I’ve given you my rare trust

I’ve given you so much

I can’t fit it all in this poem
But I’m still keeping a peice 

Believe it or not

It’s true 

It’s the peice  that shows you

That I can be lovable

Condsedering how much I love you

I hope someday I can show you 

That my love isn’t all talk

I can show you love

And you’ll see even deeper inside me

I may seem cold and nothing

But I’m not bluffing

I’m keeping a peice

Reserved for a day where you love me

But that day isn’t likely to ever come

But in the mean time

Although I’m young

I’m in love

And I’m keeping a peice

For you

Like the last peice of cake

Hard for me to give

But for you,

The holding is shit

I won’t let go of you

You can take my every bit

So just so you know 

I have a peice I’m keeping

For you

I wish you’d want it

Cause I’d give everything to you

Give everything up for you

Give my all to you

Give my life to you

Do you want my peice now?

Ha, ha

If you do I’d have a cow

I love you fool!

Why can’t you love me

So I can say I’m not keeping  a peice

But even without

I wouldn’t be empty

I’d more full than anyone could ever be

Cause that’s what love does

………But you don’t love me

But don’t forget

The last peice

I love you

Don’t forget that too


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