Short Conversation With My Crush (Story not Poem)

ME: Hey (grabs jacket sleeve)

HIM: Wait why are you pulling me away

ME:I need to ask you a question, be honest

HIM: Ok, ask then.

ME: William, does it look like I was crying?

(This was because I was crying because I had an issue BUT IT WASN’T HIM, SO NO)

HIM: No. (frowns)

ME: Good. 

HIM: Are you okay? (Looks concerned)

ME: I am now. 

HIM: What happened?

ME: Do you know what’s like when you have no one to go to when you have a problem?

HIM: Noooooo.

ME: And that’s why I need to pass this grade even more. I need to pass this grade for obvious reasons, but also because I might end up with a class with you next year. If I don’t pass, I’ll be taking freshman classes while you’d be taking sophomore classes. I want to be in a class with you again. I barely get to talk to you anymore. I miss you.

HIM: (Smiles) (WATCH ME MELT INTO A PUDDLE FORM INNER WARMTH) I’m sorry. You better pass your classes then. And I need to go. I’ll see you later Keely.

ME:Okay go have fun learning.

HIM: I’ll try. See you later!

ME: (Talking softly and quietly) Yeah… See you later…

HIM: (Waves and disappears into his classroom with a smile)

ME: (Walks away with a smile because of him)


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