Games(A Poem) 


You’re  going to

Chase after him

Once again

He doesn’t have a leash

So he’ll lead you round

And Around

And around

He doesn’t believe in peace

The girl you see around him

Isn’t just his friend

I didn’t think it was like you

To see this crap 

and still beileve it as truth

I thought you were smarter

My friend
This is all pretend

The illusion

He shows you

Don’t join the troubled youth 

He could destroy you too

You just need to open up those pretty eyes

And you’ll see why you need to break the ties

The greatness you see in him is just his  glamour he puts up

I don’t understand why it leads you on so much

You just keep going back to him and his touch

He puts it up around him firm

His dellusion

That you fall for

And though it’s put up firmly

I thought you were strong enough to see through it

please don’t go back to him

By the end of the term

I wish you’d just learn

Can’t you see the things we all tell you are there

Don’t you see the way he can tear You

He’s hurt you too many time to count 

But you don’t care about the amount

You just keep on playing

Cat and mouse

I bet he knows how soft
Your blouse that you wore on Tuesday  was

I bet he knows that you like his hair’s new buzz

Just kidding

You told me it’s ugly

The other day

He breaks up 
With you again

You say you hate him

Then you love him

You don’t even fit together

Go find someone else
You can

You know

Just because he says he cares for you

Doesn’t mean the words are true
You say this is the last time
There’s no more ties

These are  lies

You’ll keep on going

Back to the one 

Who you shouldn’t

Who doesn’t deserve you

Who hurts you

Who isn’t Forever

Never again!

I’ll never go back to him!

Never again ,Keely!

I mean it!”

never say never

My friend

Because you’ll keep on going back to him

Trust me

It’s time for you to let him go

I don’t mean for 2 days

Like you have before

He’s had so many baes 

When he’s been it’s you

You know of the cheats


You climb the ladder

But then again fall down the chute again 

You hide from him

But then you seek him out again

You Kick him away like a soccer ball

But then being with him

Is you goal again

You throw him away

But then you catch catch him in your soft  mitt


You drop him

But you never leave him on the ground

You monopoly alone

You spend time out in jail

When your with him again

You pin the asshole to the distance

But then you unpin him again

These are games you play

My friend,
I do like you

But you can do better 

I miss the times when the only games you played

Were on your phone

I wish you’d see

These things

But you’re stuck in an arcade

And I’m stuck in reality

I hope someday

 you can see reality too

Reality can suck

But you need to see these things

I wish you the best

I’ve tried helping you

All of your  friends 

have tried helping you

But if you’re stuck

You’re stuck

So I’ll leave you to your games

And to your…….

Whatever you wanna call it…… 🤔😑😒😐😑😒⚠️⁉️⁉️👹👹👹👹


2 thoughts on “Games(A Poem) 

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  1. I CHALLENGE you to take the little picture things and write something using them in order. Example being:
    An odd thing occurred while I was walking through the golf course the other day. Instead of being hit in the head with a golf ball, I was bludgeoned by a badmitten birdie!! You would have thought it would have been a tennis ball or something large like a football, but no!
    Do continue on….

    Liked by 1 person

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