I hate haikus, but I wrote one today to challenge myself,so here it is.

I hope you like it!
Just because of this

I’m not losing who I am

Or am I really?


15 thoughts on “Haiku

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  1. Ha! A person afer my own heart; I don’t like haikus either, and yet I wrote one today – except I called it senryu, as it’s about human characteristics. Dunno why I’m being pedantic over such an irritating poetry form.
    I like the name of your blog.

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  2. Man… I wonder what made you decide to do a Haiku?? Especially since you are not so fond of them? Isn’t the Haiku a lost form of poetry? You don’t ever hear of people writing Haiku’s anymore.

    And I like it!!! You should challenge yourself more. It usually produces some of the best work.

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    1. This actually was the product of a poetry workshop field trip. It did push me, but I’d prefer not to ever write a haiku again. I believe that haikus usually lack luster and could be so much more. I WILL continue to push myself however; just not by creating more haikus. And hello my dear mother. Your presence startled me, but it’s okay now. I’m happy to have you here (mostly), and I appreciate your feedback. I love you.😘


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