Sukiyaki Series-What you need to know and what it is

For one of the projects in my creative writing class, I had to do a story fo two genres,”my writing genre” and “a genre I would like to try.” My teacher told me that my genre was romance, and I picked good old fantasy to try. The last factor in the project was getting a prompt. We previously wrote down prompts on slips of paper and placed them in a jar the week before…but we had no idea that we would be pulling them out randomly with great risk a week later.

All I can really say is that my class  is full of “characters.” Thus leading to some really awful prompts. I luckily got one that wasn’t that bad:”I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I think I’m about to kick your butt.” 

For my romance I wrote a story about a mid-thirties age girl who works at an office where she has a very large two year long crush on a hottie-patotty coworker. The story starts with a dream of hers, and then the story progresses in this order:her waking up and leaving for work, character building and relatable scene involving him in the parking lot, his ex-gf, who’s visual perfection getting angry at my character for looking at her exe, the threat in the prompt, the man saves the day,confesses his love, and they go have the lovey dovey picnic scene in the beginning.


Because then came my fantasy. The Chosen One. Which was renamed to The Chosen One-A Sukiyaki Story. I ended up falling in love (not literally)with my character and her world and I decided to make a series of stories about her. I’m really excited and it will all go on this blog.

So Sukiyaki is a female warrior/hero as well as a badass, loner, and parent-less teen girl. She goes by Suki, and possibly in the future, The Chosen One. Now about the topic of The Chosen One…. it’s mystery for my readers. In my stories so far you find nothing about the Chosen One….I’m admittedly not 100% sure about how I’m going to play that out…
In the Chosen One, Suki is sent to fight a lengandary monster who is supposedly impossible to fight. We learn about Suki’s personality and character which is good. However, Suki experiences something that was completely unexpected by her when she was told to fight the monster….

I guess The Chosen One could be a wonky intro, I honestly don’t know though. All I do know is that my dear Suki is going on this blog and I hope you guys enjoy her and have a splendid day. And as always, thank you for reading keelythecynicalrejectblog and I hope you’ll stop by again soon!💙💙💙

With love,



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