My anger boils

My control is dripping into oils

On the ground

My heart doesn’t seem to ever stop it’s malicious pound

My small fists clench

Rage is surrounding me like an unwelcomed stench

And I need to calm down

No anger is left though

Dull and brown

My anger is lighting up

I’m boiling over the rim of the tame cup

And I need something to help me calm

I need this bad

And the girl next to me stinks of lip balm

……And it doesn’t help at all

My nails haven’t been cut in awhile

And the crescents devoliping aren’t really my style

But unclenching isn’t the best idea by far

So I’m wishing for you

On an imaginary star

I need you

Deep breathes don’t always work

It’s likely I’m about to go berserk

Pills and potions 

Aren’t always the answer in truth,

So please take some notions


My rage is setting up a booth


Ready to sell

Reaching to ring the bell

I need a guide

To lead the anger out 

I don’t need a spout

I need you…..

Please be here now….


Over the buzzing in my ears

I managed to hear something other than the buzz

Right as I feel like all this mess won the fight

My personal medicine came into sight

The bell rang true

And my heart ached for you

This was the one time of the day

Where it’s guaranteed that I’d see you

So I couldn’t stay


My running in the halls

Could be a hefty bill

But I didn’t care
I ran until I saw you

Then I ran even faster when I caught sight of you

I reached your side

Heaving and panting

Still full of rage 

Then you turn your head

And smile the smile that never seems to leave your face

And you don’t even have to touch base

You know I’m steaming

And you fix that within seconds
You say your words

They vary

But all show who you are off

You make me laugh

And the anger that seemed like it could take over the world,


It was replaced with overwhelming escasty


And that little-


HUGE thing called love
You’re so many things to me,

But one thing

You are

That’s pretty damn important

Is that you’re 


You can help me

When no one help can…

(And you can get me to write a poem
Almost entirely out of ryhmhing)
NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: He ends up being my medicine a lot,and this is one of the most explainable example. I always go to   him if I can, that part is most definitely true. Not always are the I stnces as bad as this one,but I do,with all my heart,consider


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