THE CHOSEN ONE (A Sukiyaki Warrior Story)

 I didn’t ask for any of this to happen. I didn’t ask to be trailed by a dwarf with horrendous teeth and bright pink hair. I didn’t ask to be forced to make a hut out of dehydrated gryphon crap for a camp-out. I didn’t ask to be forced to strike a deal with one of the Southern Fae. I didn’t ask to wade in The Central Swamps. My quest has been soaked with unpredictability and monster slime. But the thing I did ask for, a fight with Nomero, is soon to come.

Although, I should probably get to the story…This is the story of my fight with the Legendary Nomero. Oh, and by the way, my name is Sukiyaki, but you can call me Suki.


“Master! Master!,”the dwarf cried,”He approaches!”I groaned,”I know! And I’m not your Master! Can’t you JUST GO AWAY!?!?!” I was completely fed up with him, and the stupid thing just grinned impishly. (Too bad he wasn’t an imp; they are surprisingly good at following directions and handy to have around.)I didn’t know what was worse:his mossy teeth, his filthy bright pink hair, his not so bright demeanor, the fact that he’s been following me for 13 days, or the fact that he’s adopted me as his “Master.” This shouldn’t of happened anyway, because it is extremely rare for any creature to pick a girl as their Master.
“Odell,” I huffed,”Can’t you just go do-I don’t know…go eat grubs or go roll in mud or SOMETHING?!? Can’t you just GO?!?!” I was almost screaming, and I quickly tackled my poor volume control. I didn’t want to get Nomero towards me until I was fully ready.

I tucked my now gross blonde hair, (I wish it was a different color, but I can’t afford bug juice dye, and I have no family to give me money for the purchase), behind my ear and went over everything I know about Nomero in my head for about the thousandth time. The more the better, really.

I then heard a sharp sound behind me, and I whirled around quickly, pulling my drakon bone dagger out of my pack in one swift movement. It’s fighting time. I licked my dry lips, savoring the idea of hard battle with a monster like Nomero.

I love the feel of battle, possibly even more than a family loves their kin. I wouldn’t know of course, being my family free status, but I do know how much I love the art of battle.

The bushes rustled once more behind me, and I was battle ready right on time.

I watched in horror as he began to emerge….first would come his taloned feet, the size of a giant’s dinner plate….But…the foot was was small….and its claws, really they resembled fingernails, and they were a true competition for those of a witch’s pet rodent….that’s odd I though to myself.

Next would come his shockingly long, scaly, slimy legs. Rough like rock troll skins….But…his legs were semi-long in length and slick-looking like those of a sea monster…Although a sea monster’s legs would be longer….But Nomero had to have legs longer than a sea monster’s…

Next would come his long, wicked looking body, a body the length of a quarter of the forest I’m in, which I assure you isn’t small…… But…What the-! This isn’t right! His body is short…like baby Drakon short…Am I really hunting NOMERO?!?!?

His head emerged and what should of taken my breath away from fear, horror, shock, and astonishment, took my breathe away from laughter. This thing had a small head with crossed eyes, crooked furry ears, and a blue tongue hanging out of his mouth like the gryphon meat that THE REAL NOMERO would have. Considering that’s the only thing he craves more than human flesh.The thing looked pathetic!

“Stop your laughing you ignorant girl! Did they really send a GIRL to fight ME? I guess they wanted you to feel good about something, the fact that you encountered me. They probably thought you’d run away screaming! But where would you run to? You don’t a have a family do you? Well, I have some news for you!  I know what happened to your oh so poor family! They LEFT YOU  and they now rest in my stomach. They were fools to cross this forest. And so are you. You stupid GIRL! You should be shaking from fear not from your facetious laughter.” His voice was deep and sinister, but that didn’t change a thing. And the family card he pulled…that usually hit a soft spot for me,but the way the creature looked, it was completely ineffective. “You aren’t Nomero, are you?”, I said smirking “No I am Nomero, and to correct you, you foolish wrench, I am the GREAT Nomero.” “That sounds like a load of bull, creature, but I still have to fight you, so your going down, Nomero or not.”

I lunged quickly at him with my dagger, only to test his strength and speed. I didn’t get him with the dagger, but came really close. I did this on purpose, which my surprised even the more experienced of warriors. It’s a technique that for centuries has been looked down upon, but it’s helped me win many battles. I noticed he was extremely fast and that he seemingly impossibly, smashed open a skinny cinnamon stick tree with his body when he lunged at me, not anticipating the move.

 He missed,and he wasn’t happy. 

 The duel was complicated, and I don’t remember most of it. I remember smelling Nomero’s blood, it smelt of smoke and fire. I remember it splashing onto me, a neon orange color that belongs to all dragons. I remember stabs that barely cracked his armor of his skin, which was shockingly tough and hard. I remember his claws tearing open skin on my left thigh, and the sharp pain. I remember him schorching the tree that was beside me, barely missing me. I rolled out of the way just in time. I remember his claws raking my elbow and my eye closing itself by reflex  when ash and sunder spayed everywhere after he knocked down an already smoking tre that was meant to crush me. I remember mostly the the stab I did to his underbelly, his weak spot if you use enough force, that took his life. I remember the roar I made of victory and how the roar mixed with his and his dying breathe. I remember him speaking his last words to me:”You girl, you may of defeat me now, but remember, I will be ressurected in a few decades. But until then, I think you will be recognized as The Chosen One, but don’t get ahead of yourself. And remember, I’ll be back, and they will chose YOU to fight me. Be ready little girl.” I remember his body sinking to the ground, and now I’m staring right at it. I managed to kill Nomero, and I’m still alive. I think I’m in shock, but I can’t help it if I am. His body is still pouring his blood out and the ground is still embers from his fiery breath. He looks weak and like a child creature, but I know what he was capable of. And now I know what I’m capable of. I whisper the line I never got to say to his corpse,”I don’t know about you, but I think I’m about to kick your butt.” 

 I rise and rinse off some of the blood and ashes from my armor with my flask of water, and clean my wounds as much as I can with my water, healing potion, cloth, wound cleaner, and bandages. Thankfully the stupid dwarf left because he would of  tried to convince me to use nature magic healing, which I’ve never trusted or liked. When I gazed down the pathway that would lead me out of the forest, I had a chill and an uneasy though.”What if I really am The Chosen One?” I shivered.But I need to take one step at a time, and right now the step needs to be to get out of here and to go home. I sigh, and begin my path back to civilization. One step at a time.   

To be continued…


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