The Poem Called William (complete)

I like the way I warm up when I see your face

Your personality sends my pressured body

Into smooth waves

What once was mine,

Now is yours,

Heart’s disconnected

 I’m cold to the bone

I trust you,

Can’t you see,

You’re my dirty ‘lil secret
➖Take me away

To your land of excitement,

Can’t you see you’re my only enlightenment

 Wake up each day,

And reacknowledge what I’ve come across

I’m the confused little mental

Who’s always by your side
➖Tousled dark hair,
Revolutionary smile,

Spotted face,

Like my confused feelings

Sorted in piles

Your vibes send me into overdrive

I  can’t control my feelings

I wish I could sing them a lullaby

➖You’re so amazing to me

I feel it burning on my face

You’re the new spice in my life,

A new catchy chase game

I don’t want to play

➖I’ve given you my heart
Although you don’t know that ’twas true 

But you are filling in the hole

With warmth and  liquid you

 Is this what love is,?

Or am I just stupidly falling on my face??


➖It’s no coincidence

 I would walk a thousand  miles

To see you for less than a day 

 I would wish too much,

Wish too much to stay,

You lead me astray,

I think I love you

➖You give me the Sun

You light up my world

You give me heartache

you give me happiness

You’re not the one to blame, 

But the one to thank

➖Take me away already

To your land of excitement,

Can’t you see

By now 

That you’re my only enlightenment 

What once was mine

Now is yours

Can’t you see by now, love?
My heart’s disconnected 

I’m cold to the bone

I’m the confused little mental

Who’s always by your side

Can’t you see

What my dirty ‘lil secret is?

Look at me

In the eyes

As I write this I’ve taken down my disguise

I’m stuck in a love struck daze

It’s in concrete.

Just look in my eyes

Just do it.

➖My secret is I love you 

 And my desire is high,

For you,

My love,

My darling,



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