The Lost Chapters Of Sukiyaki-Part 1-A Sukiyaki Warrior Story

~The Stories Of Suki’s Parents and Her Childhood~


“Are you willing to share your hideout?I need somewhere to rest..” I looked up from my plate of toast flowers that I was preparing for tomorrow’s breakfast quickly.My reflexes kicked in naturally. They’re become independent from all of the dangers I’ve been put through all my life. I was prepared for danger behind me. It’s natural for me.

I turned only to see a boy around my age behind me with a serene expression on his dirty face. He had the looks of a prince, although he gave off the vibe of a hero. He had raven locks, although they were chopped short, barely an inch or two of hair leading into his scalp. He had nice eyes too. They were a light blue color and shined with sharp intelligence. His face and body were completely streaked with mud and at his elbow he had a huge glob of sea monster blood sitting on him as if his skin was it’s throne. He seemed to be no harm.So I gave him my answer.

“Yeah. You have self cleaning supplies by any chance?” He smiled at the first part but when I mentioned cleaning supplies he looked beyond forlorn. “No. I lost the majority of my stuff in a sea-monster fight this morning. All I have is that.” He pointed gloomily towards a small mangly pack in the bushes that I didn’t notice before.

“Well then,” I said,”Here you go! “I tossed him a handful of wipes and said,”Now you can clean up and get that glob of sea monster blood off your elbow.” He smiled gratefully ,”Thanks. And what’s your name?” “Jenna. Your’s?” I asked. “I’m Markus.” He responded.

I tucked a loose strand of my annoying honey blonde hair behind my ear and sighed. “Soooooooo…..Markus…..I think it’s time to go in the camp. The moon is almost gone so it would be best to conclude the night. After all, we are in a forest.” I pushed tomorrow’s breakfast into a container an snapped the lid shut.

“Yeah. That would be a good idea.”he said back. He wiped himself one last time before throwing all of the wipes in my trash pile.

We each called a portion of the tent’s insides. Luckily there as lots of room because of the ginormous size of the thing. I zipped up the tent and was satisfied with my work. I managed o set up the tent fairly quickly,and that was rare for me. Luckily,(even more luck? I wish it was like this all the time) there was enough space between me and Markus that didn’t make it uncomfortable. Being closer to him,at least for me, would be embarrassed and awkward. Not to mention uncomfortable….Oh, that would be horrible!

I hope maybe that I found a possible friend in Markus. Although he might leave in the morning to go do his own thing. Maybe we could be heroes together and work as a team. He seems nice enough. It would be nice to have a friend for once. Okay. I’ll admit. I really, really,really, really, REALLY, want a friend. And I REALLY want Markus to stay. But I can’t control this any more than I can control who ends up being The Chosen One.

I need to stop stressing. I just need to try to go to sleep right now. So I guess I will.

Wow. This day has gone really haywire. First that sea monster…Man, that had to be the worst sea monster ever to exist. Sea monsters are never that hard to kill. Then the wandering around I did to attempt to find new supplies….Just to find nothing.

I guess there was some good things though. I managed to find shelter and a really cool person too. Jenna seems really cool and I like that she’s a female warrior/hero and that she’s actually a really good one. Well, at as I could tell. She’s really beautiful too. And she’s around my age too….NO STOP IT MARKUS!!!!!DON’T TRY TO LIKE SOMEONE AGAIN OR ACCIDENTALLY DO IT!!! YOU JNOW WHAT HAPPENED
Well, I’m sorry brain. I’m just saying….Maybe I’ll stay tomorrow. Friendship wouldn’t hurt. Would it?



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