Lost Or Found? (a Poem)

when I’m with you

I feel disconnected from the world

like I have no clue where I am

at all

Or like I could never find my way

to any place

That wasn’t next to you

Maybe just like I was lost


But at the very same time

I feel safe

And I feel like I’ve been joyfully reunited

with something that I’d oh so mournfully lost

And I feel filled with relief

I feel like I’m where I should be

Where I belong

Like I’m immune and safe to all dangers and unknown ways

And all issues and outside influences and meddlesome quarells

Like a small child

That was lost in a grocery store

Filled with people, sounds, and colors and chaos

That was found-

………..Is that the word?????

Do I actually feel FOUND?????


It’s like the world dissapears

Every speck of it

Every corner

Every milimeter

Every sound, sight, distance, or everything inbetween every last crook or cranny

Yet it’s like I’m the Queen of this very known world of mine

And I know where is what

And like I’ve found my way home

My own special spot in the world

The world I rule

Maybe your smile and care for me

Is what makes me feel on top of the world

And makes me feel found

And the bite and sting

For your lack of love for me

Makes me feel lost

But I don’t care much that I am lost

-But maybe that’s because I’m actually found


All I know is that

THis is just another of my questions thhat I hold on me and you

I’m the curious Alice

And your affect on me is the Mad Hatter

And the world I live in

Now that fate has led to you

Is Wonderland

and I have thristing questions:

Is this really love?

could you ever love me back?

am I obsessed?

What will I do if I ever find out if I’m obsessed?

Am I ever going to stop hurting?

is it hurting or heading?

and lastly,

for now that is,







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