All These-A Poem

all these poems

all I still can’t let go of the pens and pencils that flow out pieces after pieces in your name

all these boys 

and you’re still the only one I can think I can think

all these efforts

And still I can’t seem to launch an effect on you

all these hurts

And I still can’t seem to stop adding on more band-aids

all these awkward moments and embarrassments

and you still stick by my side

all these walls I built up high

Are mere ashes scattered away to dust from your cold fingertip

all these places in my mind

And you still fill it up to the brim

all these words for you I write

and I still can’t  explain to you out loud how much I fee for you

all these nights

And yet almost all of them feature creeping into my dreams

all these clocks and alarms

And I still can’t ever be able to have a time where you’ll love me

All these lights

And I still can’t light up your heart

All these dangers

And you are the most dangerous to me

all these stories of young love and all of those jokes on our expense

and I never guessed I’d fall in love with you……



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