Cleanse Me (A poem)

I was just wondering if you could

Just  wondering if you would

Aid me to wash all this crud away

You don’t even have to stay

Rinse off all your marks

Lead me out of the dark

Justin wondering if you could help me scrub

Help me rub-a-dub-dub

Help me drip dry this pain away for good

Just wondering if you even could

At this point I’m giving up hope

Sinking to darkened corners to mope

Can you tidy up my mind?

You’ve always been so kind

I’m sorry if I’m loading off to much baggage into your arms forever coated in blue

It just hurts so much loving you

Do you think you can help me with this layered grime?

Maybe can you love me with time

I’m filthy from all this agonizing love

Cna you help me get my head above?

I’m drowning in the sea of you

My love is dirtying up the water and I don’t know what to do

If you see me sink will you throw me a life vest?

Every second with you is both the very worst and the very best

You’ve busted me up so much

And you haven’t even laid a single touch

My mind whispers negative thoughts about you and me

Darkening out all things left uncleaned to the T

Soon I’ll be buried in this filth head deep

Around you sometimes I can’t seem to utter a peep

You’ve drowned me in this nasty,dark sea

And all I’m wondering is if you could cleanse me



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