Phantom (A poem)(Written 8/1/17)

You’re the phantom in my head

Ghostly binds bring up your unraveling to my every thread

Time still hasn’t melted your mark

Your phantom still leads me out of the dark

Smoke and mirrors

Emotions and its following tears

It’s summer time

Yet you’re still with me committing small crimes

You still shimmer behind my waning eyes

Why can’t I pick another guy?

You glide in with your quirky jokes and your ever there smile

Your very affect on me brings up anxious bile

My mind is your blank page

To prance and write upon fueling yet cooling my rage

Still 3 more weeks until I can actually be with you

But for now I have your phantom here to ring true

You truly live in the back of my frenzied phantomed mind

You never take leaves of any kind

I wish for your blue armed embrace

You are the case to my bloody basketcase

We may not be together at all

But your imprint stands so true and tall

Your phantom dances away

Your thick mist is always here to stay

You’re always there every second of the year

I can always see you without all the mess of smoke and mirrors

You never leave me or my blasted mind

You’re the phantom of my mind and the best of any kind


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