About This Blog…

Hi my name is Keely and welcome to keelythecynicalrejectblog.wordpress.com! This blog was created for my creative writing class and I am currently a freshman in high school. I love to read and especially write, so when I was told there was a creative writing class for my high school, I was pumped! Even better, I found out that we would be using WordPress as an outlet for our writing. For years, I have looked into WordPress, but never had enough guts to create my own site.  Now I am very happy with this site, and encourage others to take the leap too. 

I have been writing  for fun since about the time I was eight. I started with memoirs, short fictional stories, short chapter books for younger children, flash fiction, and slogans in my head. Around fifth grade, I fell in love with poetry and origanal song writing. I still write all of these things, but poetry holds a special place in my heart. Most of the stuff on this blog is poetry, and will continue to be. I have also short written plays in the past, and I like to journal. 

This blog was officially started  October 5,2016 around 3:00 pm, and I will probably continue to write even after my freshman year is over with, as well as my creative writing class. I encourage others to share their creativity with the world.

Happy sharing and have a great day,

With love,



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