Tunnel (A Poem)

Through darkness comes the brightest light The tunnel's long but I will fight Through the dark Until I reach your light Coming Coming Into sight With your light You part the dark Shadows pave you a path So clean So walk down this line Into my veiw The light at the end of my tunnel... Continue Reading →


Yolie (A Poem) (8/29/17)

~Friend of mine Running ahead Laughing Gasping Don't know what's going on She must of snatched something From the girl trailing her on Just like Jamie I watch her run But soon she'll be done She isn't the fastest runner And the girl chasing her has speed I stop to smirk Than I turn An... Continue Reading →


I still can't believe how excited I get when I find out part of his schedule. My class walked by a classroom with the door open and he is what I saw. The thrill is still unbelievable after almost two years now. It's just a spot on his schedule to him, but to me it's... Continue Reading →

At The Pep Rally

I can't keep from looking back at you. When I saw the shirts the marching band will be wearing during the pep rally was excited. Black. I've never seen you in black.Ever. I was excited to see how you looked in black. Now I regret that. You know how sometimes okay loooking boys can wear... Continue Reading →

Kicks (A Poem)

Love kicksDid you know that? In the heart  In the stomach Takes the breath away Kicks you out Of the driver seat Takes the wheel Pushes you off Into the deep end Can you swim it? It doesn't matter Control isn't something you can keep At all But it Beats you down Then kicks you... Continue Reading →

~The stars in the skyHave all been wished on Dreams of love Of peace Of hope Of companionship  Of families Of ice cream sundaes That airplane model that grandma wouldn't get you Of freedom Of renewel of death Of healing Of time Of equality Of that gorgeous dress Of looks Of that Barbie Of promotions... Continue Reading →

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